Variable Geo (ヴァリアブル・ジオ Variaburu Gio), or abbreviated as "VG" is a Japanese series of 18+rated fighting video games produced and released by Giga. A 3-episode OVA series was released from KS.


Variable Geo is one of the first of rare fighting-genre video games operated by PC. Rarest to the fact, it was an action-adventure game released for the mature audiences. Before that, its creator studios, TGL released "Sword Dancer, a fighting game fused with the RPG genre which a respective know-how.

Unlike other adventure games, VG's release became prevalent to the customers' surprise at the time of sale. The only eroge-fighting genre before was other series such as "Queen of Duelist" (by Agmix) and "Ningyo Tsukai" (by Forest). After the game's release, it was moved to home video game consoles, followed by an OVA series, adventure games and other various developments.

The popularity eventually triggered the animator, Kimura Takahiro to continue the game on towards "Advanced V.G.2". Like the first game, it was developed for PC and following his other caricatures, "Steam Hearts" and "Harlem Blade ~The Greatest of All Time~" keeping the same character design and visual CGs.

After the PC Version's success, the release of Advanced Variable Geo soon followed for SUPER CD-ROM², with the mature content toned down to focus more on the story. Most of the characters' voices were performed by ARTSVISION Incorporated. The actresses were Kumiko Watanabe, Yuri Shiratori, Kae Araki, Chiharu Tezuka, Hekiru Shina, and the newcomer "Yukana".


"Variable Geo", a global martial arts tournament to decide who is the strongest waitresses. The winner is then rewarded the grand prize of 1 billion yen, and their sponsor restaurant becomes a prime legend boosting their business into a frenzying recession by the multinational conglomerate, Jahana Group.

Every company sends a fax to the Jahana Group

The tournament started after every company sends a fax to the Jahana Group, or the non-participant company loses face from the world. Since then, the tournament continues for three years without any winners announced, leaving the conglomerate's CEO, Reimi Jahana to uphold the tournament's honor.

And now, the 4th tournament will be held .......



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